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I’m so conflicted.. Should we go front stage or Venus catwalk for la ArtRave???

Welcome to artRAVE, the ARTPOP ball. 

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it wasn’t a glass it was an apple, asshole.

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Ok because it’s been like 100 degrees where I live I was expecting the same for la next week for camping but nah low 80s praise the lord I’m not gonna die.

when i said that you look like boys i meant it's beautiful your clothes style your hairstyle are perfect i didn't mean that was negative you look beautiful with your boy style. sorry if thought i was judging you. love ou

lol omg bye youre cute. Don’t worry, I won’t be offended by anything like that cause looking boyish/confusing is the goal. But thank you so much!! <33333

you look like boys.

the terms you’re looking for are butch or androgynous which are things I strive for thank you.

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