Just got to Vegas. Time for a fucking nap.

Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts [x]

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Is that your girlfriend in the picture? You guys are cute. And she's a lip biter ;) good work

Yes that’s her ❤️❤️ except I’m the one biting her lip lol but thank youuu.


Katy basically said at the end of the day she couldn’t give a shit about her fans lmfao she really is an idiot

Ok what did katy perry do now lol



If you are a successful celebrity, you should never be disloyal to your fans because they are the reason you got this far. You SHOULD be obsessed with them because you are practically running a business. A business will always find a way to engage your consumers. Showing love to the people that support you is not tacky so please get off of your pedestal. If you treat your fans like sales on a spreadsheet or your income, karma is going to come back at you like a dark horse.

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Me before listening to Lady Gaga:image

Me after listening to Lady Gaga:


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